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Features :
Variety available
a) Fix Walled Mounted Door Bell With Built In Transformer
b) Fixed Walled Mounted Door Bell Use Batteries or External Transformers
c) Fixed Walled Mounted Door Bell In 120/230V AC (Main Power )
  d) Electronic Door Bell
a) 220-240/8V, 0.8, IA
  b) 4 C Size Batteries or Transformer 8V, IA
  c) Direct;y tp 120-230V AC (Main Power) With Short Coircuit Protection By PTC
  d) Transformer 8V, IA or 2 X R6/AA Batteries
Decibel And Size,
  a) 80dB@1m /170mm X 105mm X 49mm
  b) 80dB@1m /500mA X 170mm X 105mmX 49mm
  c) 80dB@1m / 170mm X 105mmX 49mm
  d) 78dB@1m /130mm X 130mm X 32mm ( With 15 Tune or Dingdong or 4 Melody )
  There is no Guarantee or Warrantee other than manufacturing defects
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